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You may know me from the Ozzy Osbourne band, Billy Idol, or Last in Line and everything in between. Here you can find information about me, about current shows and about anything to do with my musical activities.

Even while this site is under development, it is organized with simple links that include a Bio, Gear and Discography pages and media connections so please feel free to look around!

Currently LIL (Last in Line) has started touring in support of the new album “II” that was released Feb 22nd on Frontiers Records. Please click HERE for more details. We are delighted that in the first week it charted on the Classic Rock Radio charts at 25, and premiered on Billboard at 75 on the Top 100!

Last in Line: Phil Soussan, Vinny Appice, Andrew Freeman,Vivian Campbell. photo by Jim Wright

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Asian Beef and Watercress Salad
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Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, Jacqueline - I know it is on a different day in the UK, but who says you cannot have more than one Mother’s Day to celebrate your Mom!! I love you mom. ❤️❤️❤️ ... See MoreSee Less

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#BigBlue crank bearing end play clearance checks out! Yaay- full steam ahead with the @harleydavidson rebuild! Thanks for all the help Danny and Shannon. @countkustoms1 ... See MoreSee Less

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Starting to put my engine back together! Also some updates on music and a cool show that we are doing event this Friday night with at @andrewfreemanofficial @corkyg @howiesimon at @vampdvegas @dannykokerofficial @countkustoms1 #Shannon and @korie4rock ... See MoreSee Less

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I am posting this short article. No secret that I am a fan of Israel, when it comes to technology, intelligence and trust in their government; they have a survival instinct. They have real qualified experts and business brains, rather than using politics to engineer careers for elected "leaders" as is done with American politicians (many of whom are frankly not qualified to do anything other than eat, collect bribes, get rich and make up their own rules) ...not bad for a small country of 8 million. (1/4 the polulation of LA County)

*Israel has once again shown countries how clever leaders think in the 2nd and 3rd order (thinking beyond the obvious).*

Last week Israel became the first country to inoculate its entire adult population over age 18. Yesterday, all schools and colleges were opened and mask requirements were removed all across the country (barring a few congested public places).
Here's how this remarkable country did it.
Israel's leaders are all well educated and many of them have advanced degrees in science and medicine. Their PM graduated at the top of his class at MIT, and started (but didn't finish) a PhD at Harvard.
They realized at the onset of the pandemic last year that the only way to beat a virus was through herd immunity, and that vaccination was key to expediting this process. They immediately zeroed in the two companies that were ahead of the pack in vaccine development--Pfizer and Moderna. The Israeli PM immediately developed a personal friendship with the CEOs of these companies (using his Harvard and MIT connections).
As soon as Pfizer announced successful Phase 3 trials Israel made a deal with Pfizer to pick up their first 8 million doses for twice the price ($30 per dose) of what Pfizer was eventually aiming to sell the vaccine. Israel also agreed to provide Pfizer with data on the efficacy of the vaccine on its population. By November 2020, Israel had already acquired the vaccines it required to immunize its people.
The Israeli PM was asked two weeks ago why they agreed to pay $15 per dose extra, and his response was classic 2nd order thinking. He said that, just in pure economic numbers, the total amount they overpaid was a miniscule fraction of what it costs to lockdown the country. This is not counting the extra medical costs of Covid and the incalculable price of losing a loved one. The economic loss from just three days of lockdown was more than the overpayment for all the vaccines they bought.
This is how smart people think.
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