...Anyway... I got a little guitar on my third birthday from a sax playing older cousin by the name of Leon and took to it like a butcher to meat! I decided to try to play it like a violin using one of my dad's walking canes (into which I'd notched some strategically placed grooves!). This little musical excursion cost me about twelve years of violin lessons - which as it turned out was not a bad thing. I started playing the violin at 11, terminating a cacophonic seven years of melodicas, recorders and other cheap and annoying instruments. I took and passed all eight of my violin grade exams and, while I was at it, I studied classical music, composition and harmony; ......well I was good at it and I had, and still have no concept of sports!...[more] 




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Phil appearing on Guy's Grocery Games this Sunday 5th

Phil Appearing on the Food Channel on Sunday 5th October 8/7C   Read More

Ox and The Loon

Tribute to John Entwistle and Keith Moon of The Who at the House of Blues April 24th   Read More
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