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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Phil's new CD album "No Protection" is now available for purchase here in the store!


Phil's new CD is a collection of 13 songs that were all written over about a year. The songs are a reflection of the idea that in life, time waits for no one. What is unique about this album is that Phil felt the inspiration to record an album on which he plays virtually all of the instruments and performs all of the vocals.

Stylistically it varies from hard edged pop rock to acoustic guitar storyteller ballad, and is more consistent than Vibrate, which was more of a compilation of songs from across several eras.

The album will be digitlally released by Steve Vai's Favored Nations label on iTunes and elsewhere on June 1st.

Please purchase your hard copy CD today - a personally signed,  beautiful limited edition, UV Glossy "Digipack" cover, with a full lyric booklet!



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