March Newsletter

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Hi Friends and trusty Followers! 

A quick announcement about my gig at Cafe Cordiale on Tuesday April 3rd at 9:15 pm.

Once again I will host an all star Jam, so please call me or write me if you wish to play. We sill have some big names trying to stump us with random songs! If you have not already, you may buy a signed copy of No Protection from my website and we shall also start to offer signed headshots.

I hope that you are enjoying the start of Spring; The weather here is starting to warm up and thoughts of summer gigs and motorcycle rides through the canyons are starting to come into my head!  

Just born ...     24 years later!  ...

Big Blue - my Harley turned 24 this week and I cannot believe it - I remember buying it and riding it around with Billy Idol, Billy Duffy, Amir Derahk, Brett Michaels, Rikki Rockett, Randy Castillo RIP, Steve Jones and all the "Rude Dudes" as we used to refer to ourselves as!  These pics are from 1988...See who you can spot!



I recently finished the Rock'nRoll Fantasy Camp for February, as you will be aware of if you follow me on Twitter (@philsoussan) or if you are on my FB page (

The Camp featured Steve Vai, Zakk Wylde and Warren Haynes as the star guests. Needless to say there was a heavy guitarist presence amongst the Campers! Steve is of course the legendary virtuoso guitar player who also owns Favored Nations - the label to which my CD is signed. Zakk is my old friend from Ozzy days. We, that is Randy Castillo and I, found Zakk after he was sent to us by Mark Weiss, and we auditioned him back in '87 after sifting through almost 400 hopefuls. Zakk was amazing back then and he is amazing today. I remember how much he used to sit in his bedroom at the Music Farm studios, morning and night, playing any music that he could find written down on his guitar. It is easy to look at him and BLS and not realize that he can back it up with more technical stamina than I have ever seen in a guitarist - and I have know a few!  Father Z......

He would kill me for this photo, but I am glad to share it as a great memory!  

The opening night we played a Star jam for the Campers at the Guitar Center in Hollywood. I had a ball playing "Tie Your Mother Down" with Alan White, Bruce Kulick, Robert Sarzo, Teddy ZigZag and Stephen Pearcy, and then an amazing version of Yes' Roundabout with Kip Winger singing and Billy Sheehan, Teddy and I covering the backing vocals! We brought the house down and got a standing ovation! I also played "Dancing Days" with Vinny Appice, my friend Howard Leese and Bruce Kulick, and a special moment for me was bringing out my '63 Gibson EB0 to play Free's "Mr Big" which I also sang. The song has a legendary bass solo in it and to have Billy Sheehan compliment me on the singing AND the solo was truy a special moment!

Another huge thrill was meeting Warren Haynes, not just for the Campers but also for myself. Actually, we just honored the Allman Brothers with the Lifetime Achievement Awards at this year's Grammys.  I did not get a chance to speak with him at the show - I was too busy talking to Jaimoe!  But we did play a killer version of "Hey Joe" together at the Camp.  

Stephanie, Paul, me, Warren, Thomas and Rex - wot no Ben???

The whole event culminated in all the Campers performing a gig at the Whisky in Hollywood. My band did an amazing job on our set; "Some Kind of Wonderful" an original song that we wrote - "When you Walk Away" and Bon Jovi's "Dead or Alive"  Kudos to Paul on drums, Rex and Thomas on guitars, Ben on bass and of course Stephanie on Vocals.  You guys were great and I was really proud of you!

Good news is that I just confirmed the May Fantasy Camp featuring Steven Tyler which is to be held at the Playboy Mansion.

This last week I have been shooting a video that I can't really talk about but I will be posting it as soon as it is done on my channel. I can certainly mix music no problem but editing video is REALLY trying! This is going to be amazing!

The Grammys were really terrific this year. we actually beat out the Oscars in TV viewership for the first time ever and, if you saw the telecast, I can tell you that the surrounding events were really up to par. The events that particularly interested me were the Social Media event , that featured a panel consisting of the CEOs of Shazam, and Spotify amongst others. It is a little hard to figure out who they care about more - artists or consumers but it is good to have open dialog with them. The Producers and Engineers Wing honored Jimmy Iovine at the Village Studios in West LA, that was a who's who of, funnily enough, producers and engineers. And the Lifetime Achievement and Technical Excellence awards were in my mind the high point with awards going to The Allmans, Diana Ross, Glen Campbell, George Jones and the Memphis Horns amongst others. The hobnobbing Nominees Ball after the Awards show is a great opportunity to meet and to talk with the winners and all the nominees for the following night's telecast. We like to get dressed up accordingly!

   My wife - Jen..... like the halo? .

..and with Jeff Greenberg, Gregg Allen, Stephen Miller and Elliot Scheiner

Once again, thank you for all your support, and make sure that you are following/liking my sites in order to get the very latest news and pictures! My next letter will be in about a month - when I shall be announcing a very special high profile big name project!

Love and peace,



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