July Newsletter

Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Dear Friends,


I am performing my gig and hosting the Rock Jam at the Cafe Cordiale this Wednesday July 18th. 

As I am sure you know, the Cafe is in Sherman Oaks at 14015 Ventura Blvd, 91423. If you find yourself in the area come by as it is always a great jam and you never know who may show up!  Showtime is at 9 pm.

(I am very pleased to announce a new sponsor for the jam in the form of Zildjian Cymbals - Thanks to John DeChristopher and Emily Smith!)


As I write this I am just returning from the Kavarna Rock Festival in Bulgaria, where we just played a spectacular show with Big Noize. Kavarna is a really great place, very quiet seaside village, unspoiled, picturesque but really hot, hot, hot!



The Beach.....  








Vinny, Sebastian, Carlos, "The Mayor", and myself




We were thrilled to be featuring Sebastian Bach on vocals, with Carlos Cavazo and Vinny Appice, of course, and we killed it!  The setlist included some of Sebastian's songs, both solo and Skid Row and the crazy ass manic crowd loved it. Sebastian delivers 100% and throws his all at his performances and it showed. We had the stadium pounding fists and jumping to "Heaven and Hell", "Youth Gone Wild" and we performed the rarely performed Ozzy song "Killer of Giants" 

All of us had a great time and we hope to be able to do more shows with this lineup in the future. It seems that Big Noize is really starting to become more of an event than a repeating show in that we are able to change the setlist and the show dependent on who is available for the line up.  This makes each Big Noize show a unique and special experience with no two shows the same. Amongst others on the Kavarna bill were friends Glenn Hughes, the Dio Disciples, Michael Schenker, Dokken and Stryper.



Carlos, Michael, Robert, Bas and me



On a related note Sebastian and I spoke about writing some songs together so I shall be picking up the axe and coming up with some bone crushing heavy riffs in the next few weeks!

























...with Jeff Scott Soto




Middle of June, I got onto a fishing boat with longtime friend Jack Russell and a small film crew to film a pilot for a musician fishing show, we had fun and I am really not sure how this is going to come out, but it could be an unusual reality TV series!






























On Grammy news we hosted the Grammy Future Now event on June 23rd at the Broad Stage Theater in Santa Monica. This was an all day seminar that featured 20 minute presentations from well over a dozen industry professionals in all aspects of music, media  and marketing under the banner of "What you need to know to make money as an independent artist today"


The event was well attended, close to capacity and included an outdoor lunch with the opportunities for the attendees to mingle with the industry.  I am sure that we will do this again!








June 23rd was also my birthday and once again I turned 39 ( - please no flowers !! ) I celebrated with some close friends at the Wolfslair Biergarten in Hollywood,m owned by my friends Art and Cheryl Davis, and needless to say I did not feel so great the morning of June 24th!



That's the main news for this month - again please make sure that you keep up with me on Twitter and my Youtube channel and check in with my Facebook pages, both for my solo work and for Big Noize.


Love and Peace!












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