February Gig reminder

Monday, February 6, 2012


Hi Dear Friends,

A quick reminder about my gig at Cafe Cordiale this Tuesday Feb 7th at 9:15 pm. 


I am also hosting the All Star Rack Jam right after the first set; my last appearance here was a great success and we are hoping to turn this into LA's premier Rock Jam once a month!

As before my band will feature:
Howie Simon - guitar
David Filice - bass
Steve Stephens - drums

I have also started a YouTube channel - I am a bit new to the YouTube postings but I want to start posting songs and videos that are interesting. To start with I am posting songs with slideshow videos, but eventually will be shooting actual videos for all the songs. You may subscribe to the channel for details as they happen!


and please follow me at www.twitter.com/philsoussan


There is also the February Rock Fantasy Camp coming up that I am appearing at with Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde,  and of course Grammy Week before that - so lots of new updates to come!

I will be posting my next detailed newsletter after these events!


Thank you for all your support!


Phil Soussan


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