January Newsletter

Date: Tuesday, January 24, 2012 2:06 AM
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Dear Friends,

Welcome to the first newsletter of 2012! 

I hope that you all had wonderful holidays and are enjoying the start of the New Year.


First and foremost, after the huge success of the Cafe Cordiale gig on January 10th that was a standing room only packed event, I have been asked to host another show and jam on Tuesday February the 7th. The format will be the same and we will have more guests coming to the post gig Jam. There were so many people that were not able to play but this time I will try to make sure that everyone gets to play at least once!

Among the jam guests I wanted to thank Richie Kotzen, Bobby Blotzer, JP Cervoni, Luis Maldonado, Brandon Mitchell, Dave Keckhut, Chaz West, Daniel Pearson, Ricky Z, Mike Bennett, Steve Cooke and by no means least my band; David Filice, Steve Stephens and Howie Simon.

This month I will be shooting a video for my version of "Shot in the Dark" - if you haven't heard it yet please go to iTunes  - As soon as the video is done you will be the first to know, here on

The Namm show this year was a big success, I spent some great time with Chris Campbell at the Rockbox booth, the great Paul Riveras Jnr and Snr at the Rivera booth (...fancy that!) and I enjoyed spending some great dinner time getting to know Eric and Graeme at Fender. I also made appearances for all of my endorsing companies and we had a great signing at the Dean Markley booth where we managed to get almost all the classic Ozzy bassists together; Rudi Sarzo, Mike Inez and myself, in addition with TM Stevens and Brian Wheat. - I may be announcing a new company relationship very soon!

...and here we are!

February 16th I will be appearing as one of the  Rock Star consellors on the next Fantasy Camp featuring Steve Vai and Zakk Wylde to be held here in Hollywood Feb 16-20th. I will post updates during the Camp. Incidentally I am also scheduled to appear at the big May Rock Fantasy Camp feturing Steven Tyler that will be taking place at the Playboy Mansion. If you are coming to any of these, be sure and let me know!

With Grammy Week coming up after that I am looking forward to all the great events throughout the week - the Producers and Engineers Wing event at the Village Studios; this year we are honoring Jimmy Iovine, and of course the Special Merit Awards and Nominees Ball - which for me is the highlight of the week!  (The Awards show itself is not quite as much fun - IMHO)

So that's it for the moment, please come to the gig on the 7th and remember to please follow me on Twitter - I am starting my Twitter campaign!

Many thanks for all your support!

Phil Soussan




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